Men and Women’s Magnetic Posture Corrector Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt Natural Pain Relief

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Men and Women’s Magnetic Posture Corrector Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt Natural Pain Relief

Product Description

  • Premium Posture Corrector Back Brace
  • Detachable armpit pads are great for both added comfort and hygiene
  • Improved design for all day comfort – non bulky posture corrector
  • Corrects bad posture habits – perfect for desk workers where slouching is a real problem, helps to avoid long term back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Discreet and lightweight – can be worn under or over clothes
  • Easy to put on and remove by yourself



Adjustable fit, unisex, natural treatment method for healthy body posture, improve breathing, pull the shoulders back to stand tall & sit up straight.

The 12 bio-magnets (480 Gauss magnets) will re-training of muscles and help you relieve aches, human body fatigue and align your spine.

This posture belt is made with a breathable, ventilated material that allows you to wear this on your skin or on top of clothing.

Easy to wear, Lightweight, Discreet and comfortable, just wear it and go to your daily activities, gym and other sporting activities.



Material: Neoprene, nylon, magnet


Color: Black

Size: S/M/L/XL


Package Includes

1 X Posture Correction Belt


How to Use

– Wear for 2-3 hours and then take the belt off. Give a gap of 2-3 hours and then repeat.

– Don’t just rely on the belt completely to improve the posture. Weak muscles can be improved with focused exercise and stretch routines. Exercises can be done with or without having the belt on.


Care Instructions

– Do not Machine Wash.

– Do not Tumble Dry.

– Hand Wash only at 30 Degree Celsius with mild soap or detergent.

– Leave on the wire to dry away from sunlight.


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Additional information


S (Waist 24" – 31"), M (Waist 26" – 34"), L (Waist 35" – 42"), XL (Waist 40" – 52")



Shipping Weight

376 g

7 reviews for Men and Women’s Magnetic Posture Corrector Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt Natural Pain Relief

  1. Emma Burton

    It improves my posture, stops my little hunchback and it prevents me from pain and inflammation.It puts my back in a natural position and easy to put on by myself .It trains my muscles to retain good posture .I do like it,supper!!

  2. Terry

    Bought this for myself as I have a bit of posture problem. It’s been straighten me up during the day. Comfortable to wear and good quality.

  3. Neith

    It is very useful. It pulls the shoulders back so you need to sit and stand up straighter. It make u feel a little uncomfortable at first but u will get used to it

  4. Jessica Anderson

    Now there are a lot of jobs that require us to be in the wrong position. Many people suffer from back pain or a hump. This corrector is ideal for fixing this problem. The material is very soft, lightweight and the back can breathe. Special insert on the back allows you to move as usual. You can safely do all things, walk with children, cook, clean. Corrector helps to align posture, trains muscles. It is easy to use and can be easily washed. Recommend

  5. Regan Drummond

    When my Dad was complaining of back pain, i thought this product could help on his back so i bought one and it magically works. It keeps he’s back straight in the correct posture. He seems happy with it and that makes me happy too 🙂

  6. Will Mckeon

    I bought this for my son after he had tried another brand and didn’t find it good. When this arrived I tried it myself and now intend to buy a second one as I find it excellent. Its very comfortable , yet you feel you are getting the support you need … so very impressed

  7. Simon Marley

    My posture is terrible! I slouch & I hunch, it causes me all kinds of aches and pains. From the first time I used it, I could see how bad my posture was. When I took it off I could feel my body wanting to be back in the correct posture position. This has helped me start to train my body to be in its correct position. For anyone who is a bit of a slocher or hunched get this it’s awesome and you wont regret it.

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